I have been making jewelry on and off for about 20 years. I am mostly self taught, having had the opportunity to apprentice and work for jewelers along the way. I've also had the good fortune to share my studio with very talented and helpful studio mates. I developed a love for making jewelry when I was a child watching my mother make jewelry in her home studio. She made elaborate beaded necklaces that sold in our family's clothing store. She had an immense collection of beads that came from all over the world, most were very old, some intricately hand carved, and all clearly of another time and place. She kept them in a card catalog bureau with multiple small drawers and I would open every one over and over to see the colors, sizes and shapes. They each told such different stories and I never tired of exploring them.   

I come to my jewelry practice from an eclectic background.  I graduated with a degree in English from Colorado College, I have a professional background in environmental non profit work and landscape design, and hold a Master degree in Landscape Architecture from the Harvard Graduate School of Design. Lately I find myself immersed in one discipline or the other, landscape or jewelry, but since my garden is outside my studio the two never seem to be entirely independent of one another. A common thread in both is my love of working with my hands. I bring a design sensibility, a thoughtfulness, a reverence for nature and an appreciation of beauty to all of my work.